Insurtech Accelerator

bcp tech Insurtech Accelerator Cohort Announcement

By Travis Holt

7 Companies Selected for the bcp tech Insurtech Accelerator

We’re excited to announce the participants in this year’s bcp tech accelerator.  We had an incredible collection of founders and products and it was difficult to make our decisions.  This year’s cohort all have a unique insurtech solutions that help the independent broker improve the client experience.  This insurtech accelerator is unique because it focuses exclusively on products for the independent broker sales channel.

Without further ado, the participants in this years insurtech accelerator are:

Trust Layer (San Francisco, CA) is a collaborative risk management platform that helps reduce friction between businesses by automating the verification of insurance, licenses, and compliance documents. Trust Layer’s Website 

Relativity6 (Cambridge, MA) is a machine learning platform which enables enterprise companies to accurately predict behaviors. Relativity6’s website

GloveBox (Denver, CO) is a centralized mobile and web application allowing insurance policy holders to access their policy documents, pay a bill, initiate a claim and more. GloveBox’s website

WeatherCheck (Louisville, KY) is a Saas web application telling users potential and historical weather damage to property that results in valid or invalid property insurance claims. WeatherCheck’s website 

Protosure (New York City, NY) is a cloud-based, programming-free — submit, underwrite, rate, quote, and policy issuance platform. Protosure’s website

Wunderite (Boston, MA) shortens an agent’s sales cycle, automates internal processes, and delivers a delightful customer experience.  Wunderite’s website

RiskGenius (Overland Park, KS) is an AI-driven, SaaS-based solution made specifically for the insurance industry that lets you rapidly understand terms of coverage across a body of policy documents.  Risk Genius’ website

About the Insurtech Accelerator Judges

We had a great group of judges who helped select the cohort above.  Thank you to everyone who helped sort through all of the qualified applicants!  Our group of judges includes both insurtech investors and insurance brokerage experts.

Sheel Mohnot is co-founder of Better Tomorrow, a seed stage VC firm investing in Fintech companies globally.  He has had two successful FinTech exits and is GP of the 500 Fintech fund.  Sheel was an early investor in Indio.  Sheel’s LinkedIn

 Garrett Droege serves as Executive Director of TechAssure, an international consortium of insurance agents/brokers specializing in technology-related risks.  Garrett’s LinkedIn

 Ned Sander is a Property & Casualty insurance broker in the Seattle office of AHT Insurance, a forerunner in technology-aided insurance delivery going back to 1999 and a founding broker of TechAssure.  Ned’s LinkedIn

 Laura Brady is a Managing Director with Royal Street Ventures, an early stage venture fund investing in strong entrepreneurial teams with capital efficient business models across diverse markets.  Laura’s LinkedIn

Jim Hackbarth is CEO of Assurex Global, the world’s largest privately held risk management and commercial insurance brokerage group headquartered in Columbus, Ohio; he has led Assurex Global since 2003.  Jim’s LinkedIn

 Beatriz del Rio is an investor at Vine Capital, based in NYC. Vine Capital invests in early stage fintech and insurtech software companies in the US, LatAm and Israel.  Bea’s LinkedIn

 Ann Dieleman Ann specializes in working with first time CEOs and executives across the globe to grow and sustain profitable businesses. She also mentors at the Global Insurance Accelerator.  Ann’s LinkedIn

Stephen Bowen is an attorney who focuses on providing risk management solutions to middle market enterprises in the technology, construction, manufacturing, real estate, hospitality, and cannabis industries.  He has been a principal at Brush Creek Partners since 2013.  Stephen’s LinkedIn

We’re excited for the program to start in August and make sure to check back for updates on the cohort.