By Travis Holt

10/27/20 – ELECTION HACK UPDATE – 200+ million Americans voter registration, including personal data, surfaced on the dark web, 11 days after the FBI, CISA hacking warning!  Election hacking and fraud has been a hot topic lately with the recent news that Iran and Russia were attempting to influence the election.

We’ve found that most successful hacks involve some type of business e-mail compromise, typically involving an individual clicking on a malicious link.  The FBI has frequently commented that business e-mail compromise is the #1 cause of cyber incidents and we believe that to be the case here.  Here is some information from the FBI on business e-mail compromise.

Our partners at Evolve MGA wrote a great article on this topic:  https://evolvemga.com/fbi-election-hacking-warning/  Check out the updated article to see which personal information surfaced, the original FBI/CISA hacking warning, and how to update your legacy systems in order to protect your business from the same hack!

For more information on the reputational consequences of a cyber attack, check out our previous blog post Cyber Attacks: Reputational Consequences