Project N95

Client Corner: Project N95 helps match healthcare workers with PPE

By Travis S. Holt

Project N95 helps match healthcare workers with PPE

At the time of publication, Project N95 has helped match healthcare and frontline workers battling the COVID-19 pandemic with 310,968 units of PPE in the LAST 12 days! That’s an average of over 25,000 units of PPE per day. They project that over the next 30 days, 289 million units of critical equipment will be needed and 4,306 organizations have requested PPE. “We never would have gotten N95s without [their] help!” said Monument Avenue Pediatrics in Richmond, Virginia. “All of our suppliers are out of stock and on back-order for several months. As a small practice, not connected to a big institution, we can’t participate in those [large] orders.”

When Nadav Ullman, one of the founders of Project N95, reached out to our team in late March, we were immediately blown away with what they had built—and, more importantly, by the potential to solve a massive problem. The project was only a couple of weeks old, and the team was still finalizing their relationships with key partners, including United States of CareKind Foundation, and Amazon. “This all came together quickly!” Ullman said. “We saw a significant problem and have figured out how we can help. We have become the largest single source of data related to the PPE shortage crisis.”

Helping Project N95 Reduce Risk

As a group of volunteers solving a new problem, Project N95 wanted to make sure they didn’t take on unnecessary risk as an entity or as individual volunteers. Helping match healthcare workers with PPE and providing data related to the COVID-19 pandemic was not a business model anyone had contemplated before this March. “We didn’t know where to start, but the bcp tech team helped us better understand our risks,” Ullman said. “They were also able to help us secure comprehensive coverage at a competitive cost.”

There are a diverse set of risks facing a company like Project N95, including cyber liability, directors & officers liability, professional liability, general liability, and more. Given the increased litigation surrounding COVID-19, these insurance policies can give the leaders the confidence needed to focus on solving this critically important problem.

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