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The Monthly Ten – April 2020

By Emily Short

The Monthly Ten – April 2020

The top ten must-reads of the month

We like to write our own articles, but we think others do it well, too

1. Cybercriminals continue to exploit our Coronavirus fears (ZD Net)

+ FBI and CISA warn of phishing scams (Byte Back Law

2. Tracking those with coronavirus… safety first or privacy concern? (Threat Post)

3. Honor among cybercriminals? Some claim they may avoid attacking healthcare entities during the coronavirus crisis (SC Magazine)

+But don’t be so sure – one such gang just hit a coronavirus testing facility (Forbes)

4. Tech companies step up to help amid the coronavirus crisis (Fortune)

5. The FBI estimates internet and cybercrime complaints caused losses of $3.5B in 2019, about half of which is due to Business Email Compromise scams. (JD Supra)

6. Coronavirus continues to disrupt the tech industry (NY Times)

7. FCC proposes fines against cellphone carriers for selling location data without “reasonable safeguards” (Krebs)

8. How much is your data worth? Think about it before agreeing to hand it over in exchange for “free” wi-fi. (Naked Security)

9. Telehealth HIPAA waiver spurs privacy concerns (iapp)

10. Geofencing and … jail? (NBC News)