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The Monthly Ten – February 2020

The Monthly Ten – February 2020

The top ten must-reads of the month

We like to write our own articles, but we think others do it well, too

1. “Alexa, how late is the library open?” Alexa can now be found in your dorm room.  Is that a good thing? (Technology Review

2. What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? The hackers were ready! (ESPN

3. Is technology really fostering deeper connections?  A philosophy teacher asked his students to hand over their cell phones for nine days and then write about the experience (for extra credit) (Technology Review)

4. An investigation found it’s “highly probable” the crown prince of Saudi Arabia sent Jeff Bezos a malicious file via WhatsApp that infiltrated his phone (The Guardian)

5. Another ransomware attack, this time at an IT ServiceProvider (KREBS)

6. Biggest data breach fines, penalties, and settlements so far (CSO)

7. A Ransomware and Bitcoin Love Affair? (D&O Diary)

8. State data privacy laws continue to expand – here are some preliminary observations.  Hint: additional regulatory changes are on the horizon (JD Supra)

9. Cybercriminals demand ransom payment from doctor . . . AND some of his patients.  (HIS

10. January 28th was Data Privacy Day.  Here are some actionable steps businesses can take now! (JD Supra)