The Monthly Ten – July 2020

By Emily Short

The Monthly Ten – July 2020

The top ten must-reads of the month

We like to write our own articles, but we think others do it well, too

1. Google faces lawsuit from Arizona over location tracking (Washington Post) 

2. Tired of Zoom? Tips to stay safe when conducting in-person meetings (JD Supra)

3. Think your breach report is privileged under the work-product doctrine? Think again (Byteback Law)

4. The FBI warns that banking app users are being targeted (SC Magazine)

5. Cryptocurrency, hacking, and fraud, oh my! (JD Supra)

6. Outage is mistaken for large scale DDoS attack (Security Week)

7. Turn on multi-factor authentication before cybercriminals do it for you (and lock you out of your account) (Krebs)

8. Ransomware group threatens to auction confidential celebrity data if payment isn’t made (Naked Security)

9. FBI warns schools about ransomware attacks (ZD Net) 

10. It rarely happens, but a Russian hacker has actually been sentenced (Krebs)