The Monthly Ten – July 2021

The Monthly Ten – July 2021

The top ten must-reads of the month

We like to write our own articles, but we think others do it well, too

1. Cyberattacks on infrastructure are on the rise  (WSJ)

2. Where’s the beef? Largest meat supplier suffers cyber attack (Graham Cluley)  + (AP News)

3. FBI Director compares ransomware threat to 9/11 (WSJ)

4. Feds recover $2.3M from Colonial Pipeline ransom (SC Magazine)

5. An unusual hacking charge (Dark Reading)

6. Another third party vendor is responsible for a data breach impacting millions (The Record)

7. And yet another vendor had a breach…. (Threat Post)

8. State legislatures consider banning ransom payments (JD Supra)

9. Six Flags agrees to pay $36M over collection of fingerprints (Threat Post)

10. Class action lawsuits filed against Scripps Health after ransomware attack in May (SC Magazine)