The Monthly Ten – March 2020

The Monthly Ten – March 2020

The top ten must-reads of the month

We like to write our own articles, but we think others do it well, too

1. Cybersecurity and the 2020 Olympics (Info Security Magazine)

2. “Put it down on your watch list – there will be further biometric privacy violation lawsuits, and geolocation privacy could be next.”  Facebook agrees to $550M settlement for alleged violations of the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (D&O Diary)

3. Ransom demanded….5 years later (SC Magazine

4. Privacy laws = new business opportunities for privacy start-ups (NBC News)

5. Put your helmet on – electric scooters are vulnerable to remote hacks (WeLive Security)

6. Privacy can be profitable – organizations are seeing healthy returns on their investments in privacy and security. (JD Supra)

7. Cybercriminals are preying on people’s Coronavirus fears  (JD Supra)

8. Prospective cybercriminals don’t have to create ransomware anymore – they can just buy it  (Bloomberg)

9. Four Chinese military members charged in Equifax hack (NY Times)

10. Class action lawsuit filed following ransomware attack; alleges “wanton disregard for security’ (Cyber Scoop)

Bonus Article 

11. Not cyber or tech-related, but interesting nonetheless – How Caffeine Created the Modern World (Fortune)