The Top Specialty Insurance Brokers in the US

By Travis Holt

We believe it’s important to specialize

The saying “jack of all trades, master of none,” is definitely true in the commercial insurance industry.  With so many different carriers, policy forms, and coverage endorsements available for a single risk, it’s nearly impossible to stay up to date with the changes.  Focusing on an industry allows brokers to truly bring value to their clients.

These are the best brokers and their specialty

Over the past 11+ years, we’ve worked with many of the best venture capital and private equity backed companies in the world.  Many of these companies are technology or tech enabled services companies.  However, some are more traditional businesses like manufacturers, contractors, and professional sports franchises.  This diverse background often leads people to ask our opinion of the top brokers we compete with.

We are keen on transparency and always open to sharing honest opinions on the brokerage community.  Below is a list of some of the best brokers in the US and their specialties.

1. Walnut Risk Management

A young, innovative agency, Walnut Risk specializes in trucking and staffing.  They have access to unique products and expertise in the industry.

2. Oswald

With 7 offices across the upper Midwest, Oswald is a great agency with a team that specializes in legal malpractice and law firms.  They understand the specific coverage needs of these firms.

3. AON

Having a large global presence helps AON be one of the best agencies for large publicly traded companies.  When a client of ours sold to Microsoft, the AON team on the account was incredibly professional, responsive and had a wealth of knowledge.

4. Haas & Wilkerson

Over their long history, Haas and Wilkerson has become one of the largest insurance brokers for carnivals, fairs, and rodeos.  They have a team of experts who understand the unique needs of these clients.

5. Dissinger Reed

Dissinger Reed specializes in providing insurance solutions to college athletic departments and state high school athletic associations.  They have access to unique products and expertise in the needs of this very specific clientele.

6. DeWitt Stern

With offices on both coasts, this agency does a great job serving the entertainment industry.  They work with performing arts venues, film production studios, and many other entertainment related risks.

This is just a place for you to start but if you’re looking for a specialty broker in one of the areas mentioned above, we would recommend any of these brokers.