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Technology Risk Management & Vendor Due Diligence Consulting

Our consulting team

Our consulting group, comprised of lawyers and risk managers, helps you quantify the technology risk on your balance sheet

It’s impossible to assess your technology risk without understanding the contractual transfer of risk to your clients and vendors. Only then can you analyze limits or potential gaps in your insurance program. Our proprietary technology risk assessment takes a look at your critical vendors, the risks they create for you, and whether or not you bear the financial risk to their failure. At the end of the process, you know what kind of financial impact a technology failure would have on your business.


Mission & Goals

Minimize Your Risk

  • Hold your vendors who could cause the financial loss, responsible for that loss.
  • Create leverage when negotiating terms with your vendors
  • Create an inventory of your vendors’ insurance coverage to guarantee there is money to pay the loss caused by the vendor

Protect Your Assets

  • Create pricing leverage with your insurance carriers at renewal
  • Avoid exclusions in your vendor contracts and their insurance policies that would deny you payment in the event of a loss
  • Better understand and quantify your risk allowing us to make sure you have the proper limits

Project Timeline


Information Collection

List of critical vendors & contracts
Copies of insurance certificates on file for vendors
Copies of current cyber liability insurance and any endorsements


Review & Analysis

Assessment of technology risks transferred to critical vendors
Assessment of insurance coverage in place to support the risk transfer
Quantifying the dollar value of a cyber incident
Summary of technology risk assumed on the balance sheet
Assessment of risk transferred to the insurance policies & coverage gaps


Recommendations & Implementation

Vendor risk assessments
Vendor due diligence process
Cyber risk recommendations
Insurance coverage gap analysis
Vendor roadmap
Overall technology risk assessment & meeting with the team


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