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The Weekly Five: Plus 2 Bonus Articles!

By Emily Short

A new week can only mean one thing – a new edition of the bcp tech Weekly Five. If this is your first time reading the Weekly Five – welcome! This week our articles cover an array of topics including new tactics criminals are using to steal your money and how Facebook is implementing new privacy practices for their users. Have questions on any of the articles below? Let us know!

1. Cyber risk is business risk, and D&Os need to pay attention:

2. Google fined $170M for violating children’s privacy:

3. As technology evolves, so do the criminals’ tactics – artificial intelligence was used to trick an employee into wiring money:

4. PDF Reader software maker forces customers to reset passwords after data breach:

5. Even cyber criminals like chocolate:

Two bonus articles:

6. Users will now have to affirmatively agree to activate Facebook’s facial recognition features:

7. A good discussion of the role insurance plays in ransomware payments, particularly as it relates to the recent attacks on municipalities: